How to keep motivation in learning English

How to keep motivation in learning English


1. Follow your passion

It is important to do what you like, for example;
If you like cooking, it is a good idea to read recipes or watch videos about cooking.
If you like sports, you can read sport magazines
or watch football matches.
You can also speak with people with the same interests.
IN ENGLISH OF COURSE!!Follow Your Passion sign with a beach on background

2. Make English fun

Do things you enjoy, listen to songs of your favorite singers, watch videos, play games and board games just as children do, but do not see English as a difficult job or as an obligation. Find the fun part of it. English is great!!fun-english-class

3. Be patient and flexible

Do not desperate with yourself, be patient and try to celebrate your achievements, just the little things, your successes. When learning English, be happy when you can recognize words or phrases in movies or songs, feel proud of yourself.

4. Remember

You have to be prepared to wait, as language skills take time to improve, you will understand little by little.